Loneliness can affect us all to some degree – whether you’re a mature Christian, a new Christian, or a non-Christian. The question is, How should we, as Christians, understand loneliness? How can we make sense of it, and help ourselves out of it? Author and speaker Lydia Brownback has recently written a book called Finding God in My Loneliness, where she dives into this relevant issue. We have the privilege of chatting with her this week, asking her some of the relevant questions around the topic of loneliness. “What do I do with my loneliness?” “Was it meant to be this way?” “I’m single and lonely, what do I do?” are some of the questions we answer during this week’s conversation.


Who’s Our Guest?

Lydia Brownback

Lydia Brownback (MAR, Westminster Theological Seminary) serves as a senior editor at Crossway in Wheaton, Illinois, and an author and speaker at women’s conferences around the world. Lydia previously served as writer in residence for Alistair Begg and as producer of the Bible Study Hour radio program with James Montgomery Boice. You can find her blog here.