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Ep. 192: You’re “To Die For”

Ep. 191: Finding Joy in the Scars

Ep. 190: Sunshine for Maddie

Ep. 189: Back Roads to Belonging

Ep. 188: The Lies We Believe

Ep. 187: What Does Marriage Mean to You?

Ep. 186: What Does It Mean To Be A Friend?

Ep. 185: Holy Sexuality?

Ep. 184: the Voices of indoubt

Ep. 183: Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Ep. 182: Why Are They Leaving?

Ep. 181: Welcome to Adulting

Ep. 180: It’s Going to Be Okay

Ep. 179: Growing Pains

Ep. 178: The Bipolar Side of Me Pt. 2

Ep. 177: The Bipolar Side of Me

Ep. 176: Who Are You Online?

Ep. 175: Use Your Influence

Ep. 174: Exploring the World – Mormonism

Ep. 173: From Victim to Victor – Emeka’s Story

Ep. 172: I Am Rahab (with Autumn Miles)

Ep. 171: Balancing Truth and Trends

Ep. 170: Teaching vs. Preaching

Ep. 169: Exploring the World – First Nation Spirituality

Ep. 168: Domestic Violence Looks Like Me

Ep. 167: Why Does Social Justice Matter?

Ep. 166: Mental Health (feat. Alison Stevens)

Ep. 165: Exploring the World – Sikhism

Ep. 164: When Worship Isn’t Working

Ep. 163: Top 10 Questions with Chris Price

Ep. 162: the Human Project with Andy Steiger

Ep. 161: Jordan St. Cyr

Ep. 160: Sexuality. Identity. Hospitality. Food. | Pt. 2

Ep. 159: Sexuality. Identity. Hospitality. Food. | Pt. 1

Ep. 158: Make Your Faith Stand Out

Episode 157: Is Assisted Suicide Okay? Stephanie Gray Pt. 2

Episode 156: (Pro-)Life Is Beautiful | Stephanie Gray Pt. 1

Episode 155: Barry Slauenwhite – Money, Mission & Compassion

Episode 154: Christmas Time is Here with Dr. John Neufeld

Episode 153: Scribe Music

Episode 152: Life, In Community with Jon Hawes

Episode 151: Feeling or Living? with Jeremy King

Episode 150: The Gospel on Campus with Kelly Manire

Episode 149: Truth, Teaching & Jeremy King

Episode 148: Adding to the Conversation – Marijuana, Science & Creationism

Episode 147: Remembering & Looking Forward

Episode 146: Called to Change

Episode 145: The Letter From Jude

Episode 144: Truth & Tolerance

Episode 143: Criticalism vs. Carefreeism

Episode 142: What is Worship?

Episode 141: Where is Real Satisfaction?

Episode 140: Can Christians Swear?

Episode 139: Christianity is Exclusive?

Episode 138: The Generation After Millennials

Episode 137: Fighting Porn with Purpose

Episode 136: Are Stories a Part of Your Life?

Episode 135: The Bible in One Sentence

Episode 134: Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Episode 133: Christian Ethics with Wayne Grudem

Episode 132: Deconversion and Liberal Theology

Episode 131: Gospel and Faith in Canada

Episode 130: The Reliability of the New Testament

Episode 129: Jesus in a Post-Truth Culture (with Abdu Murray)

Episode 128: The Weight of Sexual Abuse (with Justin Holcomb)

Episode 127: Reaching Your Millennial Friends with the Gospel

Episode 126: The Necessity of Christian Artists (with Andrew Peterson)

Episode 125: The Art of Listening to Scripture

Episode 124: Transgenderism Pt. 2

Episode 123: Transgenderism Pt. 1

Episode 122: The Riot and the Dance of Creation

Episode 121: What Does Marijuana Do to You?

Episode 120: Jesus in the Old Testament (and Applying Jeremiah 29:11)

Episode 119: This is How We Suffer

Episode 118: What Does the Bible Say About Recreational Marijuana?

Episode 117: A Look at Rob Bell in “The Heretic”

Episode 116: Biblical Friendship

Episode 115: Doubt and the Resurrection (with Andreas Köstenberger)

Episode 114: Culture’s Words and Actions on Recreational Marijuana Use

Episode 113: Keeping the Sabbath in the 21st Century

Episode 112: Recreational Marijuana and the Christian

Episode 111: Using Technology Wisely (with Andy Crouch)

Episode 110: Social Media to the Glory of God

Episode 109: I’m Attracted to the Same Sex, What Do I Do? (with Sam Allberry)

Episode 108: Are You Called to Missions?

Episode 107: How to have Hope in a Cynical Age (with Dr. Jason Duesing)

Episode 106: The KJV and Bible Translation Idolatry (with Mark Ward)

Episode 105: Abortion and Christianity (with Stephanie Gray)

Episode 104: The Reliable Bible (with Andreas Köstenberger)

Episode 103: Does God Even Care? with Andreas Köstenberger

Episode 102: Voices of 2017 (on the Bible, anxiety, and more)

Episode 101: Engaging the Historical Jesus with Heart and Mind

Episode 100: Let’s Party! (and talk about sin)

Episode 099: What’s With All the Bible Translations?

Episode 098: Still a Christian (despite the arguments)

Episode 097: Hebrews in Music

Episode 096: God Knows All Things (Jen Wilkin)

Episode 095: Powerful Young Adults in History Pt. 2 (Jane Grey)

Episode 094: Powerful Young Adults in History Pt. 1 (Charles Spurgeon)

Episode 093: Am I Singing Good Worship Songs? with Keith Getty

Episode 092: Am I in a Good Church?

Episode 091: What Movies Should I Watch?

Episode 090: Does God Exist? (an Apologetic Debate)

Episode 089: Confused Sexuality with Owen Strachan

Episode 088: Godly Productivity with Tim Challies

Episode 087: Church is Uncomfortable (and Essential)

Episode 086: Anxiety and Depression

Episode 085: A Christian Perspective on Mental Health

Episode 084: Never Settle for Normal with Jonathan Parnell

Episode 082: Art in the Church and World with Sandra McCracken

Episode 081: Spiritual Disciplines with Don Whitney

Episode 080: Fashion, Faith, and Visual Parables

Episode 079: Christianity and Physical Health

Episode 078: The (Still) Important Issue of Pornography

Episode 077: Understanding Loneliness

Episode 076: How Ordinary People Can Study the Bible

Episode 075: Legalism and Grace

Episode 074: Doing Justice in the Ordinary with Tony Merida

Episode 073: Understanding the Popular Worldviews

Episode 072: Why Worldviews?

Episode 071: A Conversation on Dating, Confrontation, and Christian Satire

Episode 070: How God Meets Us in Suffering

Episode 069: What Does it Mean to be a Friend?

Episode 068: Islam, Canada, and M-103

Episode 067: Justice, Church, and Cyber-Sex Trafficking

Episode 066: Evangelism in the 21st Century

Episode 065: The Church in the Last Three Centuries

Episode 064: What is the Reformation? with Dr. Michael Haykin

Episode 063: Bible Poverty with Danny Foster

Episode 062: Who are You Listening to? with David Mathis

Episode 061: The Culture’s Myths and the Gospel with Trevin Wax

Episode 060: The First Step with Evan Koons

Episode 059: Jonathan Ogden of Rivers & Robots

Episode 058: Devotion in Life with Zach Bolen

Episode 057: Why We Do Communion

Episode 056: Human Sexuality (Q and A pt. 2)

Episode 055: Human Sexuality (Q and A pt. 1)

Episode 054: The Medieval Period (Church History Pt.2)

Episode 053: The Patristic Era (Church History Pt.1)

Episode 052: Rethinking Worship Music

Episode 051: Why Study the Bible? with Tim Mackie

Episode 050: Living Off-Centre

Episode 049: The Historical Jesus with Sean McDowell

Episode 048: Love Without Compromise (Sexual Identity Part 3)

Episode 047: Culture and Sexuality (Sexual Identity Part 2)

Episode 046: Sexuality in the Bible (Sexual Identity Part 1)

Episode 045: Art, Faith and Josh White

Episode 044: Can I Smoke Pot? (Part 2)

Episode 043: Can I Smoke Pot? (Part 1)

Episode 042: Faith, Film & Media Gratiae

Episode 041: The Life of a Young Pastor

Episode 040: Dealing with Disagreement

Episode 039: How to Deal with Suffering & Grief

Episode 038: Why Apologetics? with Justin Brierley

Episode 037: The Supernatural with Dave Hensman

Episode 036: The Christian and Alcohol with Tim Challies

Episode 035: Confused Community with Jeff Vanderstelt

Episode 034: Confused Singing

Episode 033: Confused Listening

Episode 032: I’ve Got This Thing…

Episode 031: Paul On Facebook

Episode 030: Jesus On Facebook

Episode 029: Let’s Talk About Dating

Episode 028: Christian Dating II – The Questions We All Want Answers For

Episode 027: Christian Dating – The Basics

Episode 025: Understanding Islam with Ex-Muslim Rafik Daudjee

Episode 024: Understanding Buddhism & Confucianism

Episode 023: The Spirit Inside Us With Dr. John Neufeld

Episode 022: Why Jesus? with Chris Throness

Episode 021: The Disease Within Us – with Dave Jonsson

Episode 020: Made from Dust – Looking at Mankind

Episode 019: The Person of God with Dr. John Neufeld