In this week’s episode, Ryan welcomes special guest Jon Hawes. Jon is the Pastor for the Young Adults Ministry, Ethos, at CA Church and him and Ryan take the time to discuss the importance of community. In today’s culture, it is far too easy to become independent of community and instead view church as a place where you receive something and choose if you like it or not. Rather than seeing church, or community in general, as something that we can consume, it should be seen as an opportunity to grow as God has placed, in each of our hearts, an eternal longing for community. Yes, there can be hurt and brokenness in community but, that’s because we’re all humans who still make mistakes. Even then, there is room for us to grow and room for us to forgive, and God is sanctifying us through it. So, take a step back and evaluate where you’re at: Are you fully opening yourself up to the depth and growth that community presents? Or, are you trying to do life on your own?

Who’s Our Guest?

Jon Hawes serves as the pastor of Ethos, a ministry of CA Church that exists to inspire young adults to know Jesus and make Him known. He moved in 2010 from his homeland England to pursue a degree in biblical studies, and has been pastoring in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia ever since. He lives in Pitt Meadows with his wife Leanne and their son Peter. Jon is also a musician & worship leader and is passionate about writing congregational songs for the local church that magnify the greatness of God in Jesus.  

Episode Links

If you would like to find out more about the young adults ministry where Jon pastors at, check out Ethos, or the church specifically, CAChurch. You can also follow Jon on Instagram, @jondhawes.