This week we meet our new host, Ryan McCurdy. Ryan spends some time giving a background on who he is and where he comes from, allowing us to get to know him a little better. In this first episode with Ryan, he takes us back to some of indoubt’s past conversations and he highlights specific parts of each episode that are still extremely relevant today. We touch on the subjects of sexual abuse and its’ rippling effects, transgenderism and gender dysphoria, recreational marijuana use and scripture, suffering and why God allows it, but also how He meets us in that suffering, and more.

Episode Links

Episode 128: The Weight of Sexual Abuse (with Justin Holcomb)

Episode 123: Transgenderism Pt. 1

Episode 124: Transgenderism Pt. 2

Episode 112: Recreational Marijuana and the Christian

Episode 117: A Look at Rob Bell in “The Heretic”

Episode 70: How God Meets Us in Suffering

Episode 77: Understanding Loneliness

Episode 104: The Reliable Bible (with Andreas Köstenberger)