Change is inevitable, but it’s how you deal with it and how you better the Kingdom of God through it that matters. In this week’s episode, the host will be doing the answering rather than the asking of questions! Ben Lowell, our guest this week, asks Isaac about his family life, how he finds and maintains balance, and the upcoming transitions for Isaac, and indoubt as well. We listen to Isaac and Ben talk about a person’s calling and how to better understand it, the stress that occurs in daily life and solutions, and we hear them look back on past topics and guests of the podcast. As we look to the future and the upcoming transitions, indoubt will continue to move forward on the foundation that Isaac helped build and we will continue our Kingdom-work.


Who is Our Guest?

Ben Lowell has spent the last 25 years in fulltime ministry as a Senior Pastor, denominational leader, and the last 13 years as leader of two national media ministry organizations including his current responsibility as CEO of Back to the Bible Canada. His heart and passion is found in effectively and passionately communicating the transformational message found in God’s Word, and helping others reach their full potential in Christ. Ben’s greatest earthly treasures are his wife Deb and family who truly keep him centered on things most important in life and living.

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