What is a Christian theology of speech? God has given us the ability to speak. And if we are anything like our God (and Genesis 1:26-27 says we are), then our words have power. Not power like God’s words have, but a powerful influence – either for good or bad. Joining us is Vancouver-based pastor Brett Landry, who helps us understand a general theology of Christian speech and how to confront friends when you know what your group is saying isn’t life-giving. Brett also helps us consider the topic of swearing as Christians.


Who is Our Guest?

Brett Landry is the pastor of Christ City Church in Vancouver, Canada. Prior to Christ City’s launch in September 2013, Brett worked with the C2C Network and served on the staff of Westside Church and as one of their Elders. He is passionate about preaching God’s Word, developing and equipping leaders, and seeing people take leaps forward in their walk with Jesus.

Episode Links

Brett is the pastor of Christ City Church. Check out their site for sermons by Brett and various blogs.

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