How do we become the person God has designed us to be? A key component is being in relationship with that one person or persons who will take the journey of life with us. In this episode join Isaac and Rev. Carson Pue, author, speaker and mentor to international leaders, as they discuss the significance and the role of the Christian mentor in the life of a young person.


Who’s Our Guest?

Pue’s more than three decades in senior leadership positions have prepared him well for speaking into the lives of leaders. Currently, he leads Quadrant Leadership Inc., specializing in speaking, writing, consulting and executive mentoring. Carson served as Executive Minister and Executive Advisor for the “Heart for the City Project“, a multi-million-dollar project to transform Vancouver’s First Baptist Church into a multi-use complex that includes housing, community, family and counselling services, as well as a homeless shelter to assist the church to better serve the city of Vancouver. He is well known internationally as the former CEO of Arrow Leadership, an organization dedicated to emergent and executive leadership development. Pue is also a keynote speaker and published bestselling author of Mentoring Leaders: Wisdom for Developing Calling, Character and Competency (Baker Books 2005).