Join indoubt host Daniel Markin as he continues his conversation with Erin Ford about her experience of forgiveness and what she refers to as the 3 truths of forgiveness. This just may be the transformational conversation you need to hear to experience new freedom in your own life. Check out indoubt each week as the Bible intersects with Life, Faith and Culture.


Who’s Our Guest?

Erin Ford grew up in Barrie, Ontario. Her parents divorced when she was five, and she experienced emotional and mental abuse from her dad who struggled with addiction, leading up to him threatening to kill her family when she was sixteen. That breaking point ended their relationship. Erin was exposed to Sunday school and church as a kid and placed her faith in Jesus when she was fourteen at a Christian summer camp. In university she got involved with Power to Change Students (Campus Crusade), a Christian student ministry focused on evangelism and discipleship. As she grew in her faith she learned to share her faith with others, disciple women, and realized she was passionate about ministry. Erin is now the Editorial Manager of their blog, leading a team producing content to help students discover Jesus and grow in their faith. She writes at In November 2019 Erin led a workshop at the first TGC-Canada Women’s Conference called “Forgiveness After Abuse”. Erin regularly writes at

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