On this episode of indoubt, we’re joined by Jonathan Evans—leader of the Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver—a church plant in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. Jonathan is joined by Daniel to discuss the challenges surrounding the poor in our society, and how we can best serve them. This is a big topic to cover, and this episode is part two as Daniel and Jonathan finish up their conversation about breaking down some of the stigmas and biases surrounding the poor. Poverty is all around us, whether we choose to pay attention to it or not, but what role do we as Christians have? Are we called to serve the less fortunate, or are we called to turn a blind eye? We all know the answer to that question, but how do we practically live it out?


Who’s Our Guest?

Jonathan Evans and his wife Carla lead The Salvation Army Boundless Vancouver – a church plant discovering God’s heart behind The Salvation Army shield. As a generalist, Jonathan started his career in immunology, tried teaching, and eventually landed in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside as a street outreach worker. His work in community development was recognized with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He loves sushi, surfing in warm water, and volunteering on non-profit boards working on poverty alleviation, housing, and addictions. He has 3 children and a new French bulldog puppy.

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