Join Isaac and pastor, author, and podcaster Tim Elmore as they sit down and talk about doubt. Often, we see doubt, especially in regard to faith, as a bad thing. But Tim and Isaac discuss why doubt isn’t always bad, and can actually be a healthy thing! When we go through periods of doubt in our faith in God, is that just highlighting our lack of faith? This is a great conversation that is beneficial to any follower of Christ- whether you’ve been a Christian for 50 years or 5 days- doubt always seems to creep into our lives- so how do we manage it?


Who’s Our Guest?

Over the past twenty years, Tim Elmore has served in the local church, Christian education, and the foreign mission field. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in Stratford, Ontario, the co-host of the In and Through podcast, and the Board President of Global Education Ministries. You can follow Tim on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @timelmore2.

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