In a world where different religions are swirling around us at an alarming rate, what can Christians to do stand out and make a difference in their communities? Is there a way to spread the Gospel of Jesus without turning people off to religion? On this week’s episode of indoubt, join Isaac as he talks with Scott Sauls- an author and pastor who is no stranger to the indoubt stage! Isaac and Scott talk about everything it takes to make an impact on your friends, coworkers, and neighbors who may not know Jesus.


Who’s Our Guest?

Scott Sauls serves as the Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. He is married to Patti and has two daughters, Abby and Ellie. He has also planted and pastored churches in Kansas City and St. Louis, and is a frequent speaker at conferences, leadership retreats, and to university students. Scott has authored five published books: Jesus Outside the Lines, Befriend, From Weakness to Strength, Irresistible Faith, and A Gentle Answer. Scott also blogs weekly on this website and is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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