On this week’s episode of indoubt, we’re joined by Preston Sprinkle and we’re diving into a discussion on sex. You’ll hear Daniel and Preston talk through the meaning and what it means in a biblical and cultural context. The two also look at some big issues in our culture that relate to the conversation: polyamory – what is it and how do we respond to it as Christians; and the relationship between sex and technology. Ultimately, Preston and Daniel talk through more than just the question of what is sex, but also: how are humans to relate to each other sexually so that we can honor God in how we’re expressing ourselves?


Who’s Our Guest?

Sex - Ep. 224: What is Sex? on the indoubt Podcast with Preston Sprinkle

Preston Sprinkle has a Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Judaism, and has been a college professor for a number of years. He’s a New York Times bestselling author, who’s written several books including People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is not just an Issue. Preston currently serves as the president of The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender, an organization that’s aimed at helping Christians engage questions about faith, sexually & gender with theological faithfulness and courageous love.

Episode Links

Preston Sprinkle:

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Genesis 1
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Genesis 2:24
Matthew 19:5
2 Samuel 12:7-10
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Ecclesiastes 1:9