What does the future of Christianity look like? Or at least the next ten years? Admittedly, that’s a difficult question but it’s one that we touch on in this week’s episode of indoubt. Andy Steiger joins us to breakdown the future of apologetics over the next decade. You’ll hear Daniel and Andy discuss a wide range of topics, all relating to Apologetics; from why Apologetics Canada was formed to looking at some of the questions that are being asked now like the common question: Why do bad things happen? And the not-so-common questions like: What is transhumanism?


Who’s Our Guest?

Christianity - Andy Steiger on indoubt - Ep. 216: The Future of Christianity in Canada

Andy Steiger is the founder and director of Apologetics Canada, an organization dedicated to helping churches across Canada better understand and engage today’s culture. Andy created and hosted the Thinking Series and is the author of Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions. Andy’s most recent work is with The Human Project, an award-winning video series created in partnership with Power to Change.

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Andy Steiger:

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John 21:24-25
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