Whether it happened in pop culture, the church, or if it shook the world, we’re exploring the ups and downs of the past year before we jump into 2020. On this week’s episode of indoubt, all three hosts are back in the studio taking a look back at some noteworthy events that took place in 2019 from a biblical perspective. Ranging from discussion on the new Disney+ subscription service and our attachment to classic Disney movies to the tragic shooting in New Zealand or the horrific church bombing in Sri Lanka, Joshua, Isaac and Daniel look at the year in review.


Who’s Our Guest?

Isaac Dagneau is one of the indoubt hosts. He also serves as the Lead Pastor at North Valley Baptist Church in Mission, BC.



Daniel Markin is an indoubt host while also studying in the Immerse Program and serving as the Pastoral Intern for the Young Adults Ministry of Northview Church in Abbotsford, BC.



Joshua Scott serves as one of the indoubt hosts and recently graduated from Northwest Baptist Seminary. He has a passion to see the Word of God taught with clarity and conviction.

Episode Links

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