For most of us, the Christmas season brings about stress, comparison, and, generally, a lack of time and/or money. But is that how we should be approaching it? Should we really be experiencing Christmas this way? On this week’s episode of indoubt, Alexandra Kuykendall joins us to discuss what it means to love Christmas in the context of our actual lives. So often we immediately expect to be stressed out during the holidays because that what we’ve learned to expect. But Isaac and Alexandra encourage us to step outside of our expectations and learn to love our Christmas season, no matter what moment of life we’re in.


Who’s Our Guest?

Christmas - Alexandra Kuykendall on the indoubt Podcast

Alexandra Kuykendall, a trusted voice for Christian women, speaks on issues of how faith impacts everyday life. She is the Co-Founder of The Open Door Sisterhood, a community of women working to be world changers for good, right where they are. She co-hosts a podcast & retreat under the same name. Alex has authored four books: Loving My Actual Life, Loving My Actual Christmas, The Artist’s Daughter: A Memoir, & her newest Loving My Actual Neighbor. Alex lives in the shadows of downtown Denver with her husband Derek & their four daughters.

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