When you read the Christmas story in your Bible, what are you reading? So often we’ll say Luke or Matthew – and that’s not wrong! But there’s a bigger picture to the whole of it. And on this week’s episode of indoubt, we’re joined by Ross Breitkreuz to discuss just that – the entire Christmas story, beginning with Adam and Eve. Daniel and Ross challenge each of us to understand that Christmas doesn’t just start in the New Testament and with the birth of Jesus. And, you’ll hear both Daniel and Ross as they encourage us to take time over this holiday season to look at the full, seamless story of the gospel and God’s overwhelming love for us.


Who’s Our Guest?

Christmas - Ross Breitkreuz on the indoubt Podcast

Ross Breitkreuz is a pastor, event speaker, and the author of Q830:Genesis. He is passionate about the Bible and helping people experience it as a narrative. He tours a speaking event called, Seven Mile Story, where he takes his audience through the Bible from creation to resurrection in a single evening.

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Ross Breitkreuz:

Genesis 3:15
Genesis 22:18
Hebrews 5:2
O Holy Night by Hillsong Worship