Every type of technology has pros and cons, which leads to the question: if technology like smartphones, are so bad, why do we even use them? But rather than going to the extreme and giving up on technology completely, Tony Reinke joins us on this episode of indoubt to examine these pros and cons, and ultimately acknowledge that technology isn’t all bad. Tony and Isaac urge us to recognize where we’re misusing our smartphones and how it can actually be a tool to help us flourish. In this episode, you’ll hear them elaborate on ways that our phones are changing us, but also how we, as Christians, can learn to navigate through that.


Who’s Our Guest?

Phones - Yes, Your Phone is Changing You with Tony Reinke

Tony Reinke is a nonprofit journalist and the author of five books including, 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You, Newton on the Christian Life, and Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books. He hosts and produces the popular Ask Pastor John podcast for Desiring God, and lives in Phoenix.

Episode Links

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