Picture a missionary that you know or have heard of. Chances are, you just thought of someone who is across the ocean, maybe in a remote location, serving for a long period of time. But we often forget that every single one of us has been called to be a missionary. On this week’s episode of indoubt, Bethany Ferguson joins us to unpack what it means to live a missional life. Joshua and Bethany discuss the cycle of being humbled and responding to God’s call on your life. Yes, it might mean being moving to Africa for 15 years like Bethany or it might mean staying home and living out your calling in your neighborhood and your community.


Who’s Our Guest?

We're All Missionaries - Bethany Ferguson on the indoubt Podcast

Bethany Ferguson, MA, has spent most of the last fifteen years serving with Serge in Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya. Originally from South Carolina, Bethany studied elementary education and went on to receive a master’s degree in counseling from Westminster Seminary. Her cross-cultural work focuses on promoting education and mental health care for children and adolescents in under-resourced areas. She is currently pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California.

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