Do you ever stop and simply listen to the words you’re singing during a church service? Or what about the songs on your worship playlist, are you hearing the lyrics? Are you hoping to experience God when you worship so that you can really feel His presence? Could you be placing too much weight on how you feel? On this week’s episode of indoubt, Johnny Markin joins us to look at questions like these, and to discuss the good and bad that we see in modern contemporary worship. Johnny, along with our host Daniel, focuses on five things we do that tend to shift the focus of worship onto us instead of the amazing God that we serve. There can be good and bad sides to anything, which is why it’s so important that we allow space to talk through and examine how we worship, and why.


Who’s Our Guest?

Johnny Markin - Worship - Ep. 193: Is Your Worship Really Worship?

Johnny Markin has served as Worship Pastor at Northview Community Church in Abbotsford, B.C. since 2000, raising up teams and leaders to accomplish the mission of leading worship across their multiple venues and campuses. In 2017 he joined the faculty of Trinity Western University’s Worship Arts program, as part of a partnership between TWU and Northview, with the goal of training up worship leaders for the next generation of ministry.