Jonathan Pokluda was transformed from someone who had an identity crisis as a young adult, embracing rebellion and chasing the American dream, to a young adult’s pastor, leading the largest young adult ministry in the world. Jonathan’s message is usually directed to young adults specifically, but it applies to every single one of us. Regardless of our age, we all tend to want the same things: connection, authenticity, and honesty. Jonathan and Ryan discuss the reality of the value we place on our emotions – feeling before thinking – and how we can learn to correct that by turning to the text of the Word of God. We can’t just rely on our feelings to get us through, it’s the love and guidance of our Creator that leads us – a piece that each of us learns with age and maturity.


Who’s Our Guest?

Jonathan “JP” Pokluda is the Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. JP came to understand the grace of the Gospel in his early twenties, and he quickly grew a passion for inspiring young adults to radically follow Jesus Christ. Most recently, he has seen this passion come out through writing. His book, Welcome to Adulting, offers millennials a roadmap to navigating faith, finding a spouse, finances, and the future.

Episode Links

If you’d to follow Jonathan on instagram or twitter, you’ll find him @jpokluda. If you are interested in reading more from Jonathan, you can purchase his books on the website, His two books, Welcome to Adulting and Welcome to Adulting:Survival Guide, give a roadmap and helpful tips for young adults to navigate this season of life. He combines stories from his own experience, insights from the Bible, and evidence from research which all work together to provide a guidebook for young Christians today.