If I just get this thing – this relationship, this job, this paycheck, this feeling – then what? If we’re constantly searching for something, other than God, we’ll always be searching for the next best thing. This week’s guest, Angela Herrington, joins indoubt to discuss what it means to feel ‘stuck’ in your life and how we should embrace what God might be teaching us in that time. When we slow down to examine what God might be teaching us, that’s when we have the chance to grow. Angela encourages each of us as she tells of her own personal experiences of being ‘stuck’ and how she began to take steps to accept it and learn and grow in the process. Her and Ryan also stress the importance of having people that you can turn to, no matter what you’re facing.


Who’s Our Guest?

Angela J Herrington is founder of Broken Beautiful BOLD online women’s ministry and Life and Leadership Coach for Christians. She teaches women how to recognize, cultivate, and unleash their God given leadership ability. She holds a BA from Indiana Wesleyan and a Masters in Leadership from Wesley Seminary. Her graduate research project focused on leadership development and opportunities for Gen X women in the US church. Angela is a Lark’s Song Certified Life Coach who reaches hundreds of thousands of women in 40+ countries each month on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and two blogs. Angela is a also wife, mom to 6, and proud resident of Marion, Indiana with her family when they’re not traveling the US in their RV.

Episode Links

You can follow along with Angela on instagram @angelajherrington and you can head to her website, www.angelajherrington.com, to find out more information.