In this week’s episode, we’re looking at First Nation spirituality and culture. We hear from our guest, Temera Millar, about her personal upbringing in a First Nations reserve. She shares about the cross-cultural struggles she faced with her Christian identity and her Aboriginal identity. You’ll also hear Ryan and Temera talk about and the differences and the common pieces that First Nation spirituality and Christianity share. And, Temera encourages and gives advice on how to take a step to bridge the gap between them and us.
This is the second episode in our ‘Exploring the World’ series. Once a month, we focus on one religion and go in-depth to give you a better understanding. Through this series, indoubt hopes that you are able to build familiarity with the communities that may be around you.


Who’s Our Guest?

Ep. 169: Exploring the World - First Nation Spirituality with Temera Millar

Temera Millar is First Nations from the Squamish Nation and Lil’wat Nation and is the Director of Recruitment for North American Indigenous Ministries. She graduated from the Native Indian Teacher Education Program (UBC) with a Bachelor of Education. After teaching a few years, she received her Master of Arts in Christian Studies from ACTS Seminaries. Her passion is to see more First Nations people know the truth and joy of Christ.

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