Autumn Miles joins the indoubt Podcast as this week’s guest! Autumn has an incredible story of redemption to share – from being in an abusive marriage to being freed from that relationship to where she is now. You’ll hear her personal testimony as she shares about her story of domestic violence. And with the work she’s doing now, she finds herself more equipped than ever to help people who are in the same situation she was. Autumn shares steps that we can take to change our perspective in any relationship while drawing nearer to the Creator in the process. Autumn also gives helpful advice for you to become more ready to help someone trapped in a relationship because of domestic violence.


Who’s Our Guest?

Autumn Miles is the founder of Autumn Miles Ministries, an organization devoted to spiritually challenging the way women think. She is a dynamic speaker who produces regular inspirational content for over 100,000 Facebook followers, in addition to speaking at conferences nationwide. Autumn has authored two books, “Appointed: Your Future Starts Now,” and “I am Rahab: Touched by God, Fully Restored.” Additionally, Autumn is the host of “The Autumn Miles Show,” a daily radio talk show that brings its audience bold truth coupled with raw faith.

Episode Links

Autumn discussed the study that was done with Lifeway in this episode – 10 Steps to Prepare Your Church for Domestic Violence. By clicking the link you will find the 10 steps that Autumn recommends and other links and downloads to help you and your church become more aware and ready to help someone who is in a relationship with abuse or violence.

Autumn Miles on the indoubt Podcast

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