The focus here is all about Sikhism – what is it? how do you talk to someone who is Sikh? how do you pray for them? do they even want you to pray for them? Ryan and Imran talk about how you can step in and make a difference to those in your community, regardless of their difference in faith, by representing Jesus well in our everyday. You’ll hear how Sikh people tend to view Christians and vice versa. Learning this information enables us to build stronger relationships with our Sikh friends and neighbors.
This is the first in our ‘Exploring the World’ series where we focus on one religion each month and go in-depth on it to give you a broader understanding. Next month we’ll be looking at the spirituality of North American Indigenous peoples.


Who’s Our Guest?

Imran Daniel on the indoubt Podcast

Imran Daniel was born and raised in Pakistan in a Christian home. He is married and has two daughters. Imran is the Pastor of Multi-Cultural Engagement at Northview Community church. He loves to play, watch and coach soccer. Imran loves languages and people from different cultures.

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Imran is the Pastor of Multicultural Engagement at Northview Community Church and if you’d like to follow on with Northview, check out their website at