One Way to Lead Different Right Now

Apr 15, 2021|

This article was first seen on Written by Dr. Steve Brown. It’s only been a few days since we said “good riddance” to 2020, but already this new year doesn’t feel like a fresh sta ...Read more

How to Overcome Guilt and Experience the Joy of Your Meaningful Life

Apr 8, 2021|

This article was first seen on Written by Michael Sherrard. Our sin has condemned us, and rightly so. We have hurt others, and worse, we have sinned against God. We have committe ...Read more

No, You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

Jan 28, 2021|

I Feel Stupid I become easily intrigued and fascinated when it comes to apologetic arguments. Whenever I listen to or watch apologists, I often think, “Wow! I definitely didn’t know that!” For the Chr ...Read more

3 Lies That Trap Us In Shame and Make Us Feel Unforgiven

Nov 5, 2020|

This article was originally published on, 3 Lies That Trap Us In Shame and Make Us Feel Unforgiven. __________ “Everyone makes mistakes.” “Just get over it.” “Let it go.” Well-me ...Read more

Abide in Me

Oct 29, 2020|

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have constantly been encouraged to socially distance ourselves from family, friends and loved ones. We’ve been reminded with signs entering any store or restaurant, we ...Read more

Differences Between Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Oct 1, 2020|

I have often wondered whether Christians truly understand Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness. So many believers struggle to respond to those who have wounded them. The man or woman whose spouse has commit ...Read more

Harps and Pitchforks

Sep 17, 2020|

What comes to mind when you hear the words “heaven” and “hell”? If you are like me, the first images that flash through your mind about heaven is probably something along the lines of beautiful women ...Read more

Captivated by the Cross

Feb 8, 2020|

It begins with a question: if we’re not captivated by the cross like we’d want to be, have we really heard and understood the message of the cross?

Self-Control: It’s More than Pressing Snooze in the Morning

Feb 1, 2020|

In any discussion about self-control we often think about our poor habits. But have we ever thought about just how all-encompassing self-control really is?

Are You Ready to Suffer?

Jan 25, 2020|

Suffering is everywhere. Suffering is unavoidable. At the centre of Christianity, we see God Himself in Jesus Christ willingly suffer for His people.

We Need to Change

Jan 18, 2020|

We need to change from Christians who see faith as one compartment of their life to Christians who let faith in Jesus influence all of their life.

Don’t Waste Your Singleness

Jan 2, 2020|

86% of single, never-married Americans ages 18 to 34 would like to get married someday. I attribute this to the design that God had for us in the garden.

Jesus: The King of 2020

Dec 26, 2019|

Paul saw our Lord as “the King of the Ages,” not just the of the Old Testament Age, or even simply of the New Testament Age. He’s the King of every Age. 

Isaiah’s Vision for Christmas

Dec 19, 2019|

And in this world of gloom & darkness, a great & unexpected light from God shone forth. This is what the birth of Jesus is. That’s the vision Isaiah saw.

The Primary Love of God at Christmas

Dec 12, 2019|

What if, in filling our hearts and minds to the brim with the outflow of primary love, we miss experiencing the primary love alone?

Non-Christians at Christmas

Dec 5, 2019|

How can we best share Jesus? Here are 3 simple ways that we, as Christians, can best engage our non-Christian friends & family members this Christmas.

Are You a Product of Christ or of Culture?

Nov 21, 2019|

Stop living as a product of the world. Not because “worldly things are bad & Christians are good,” but because living in God’s grace is so much better.

Why We Worship

Oct 31, 2019|

The role of worship is to keep us faithful where we're planted. God calls us to endure where we are, learning to separate the cultural from the biblical.

Leadership for the Right Purpose

Oct 17, 2019|

I would say that a young Christian leader is to do their leadership for the purpose to help Christians become more like Jesus Christ.

What’s Your Excuse?

Oct 10, 2019|

What are my convictions about the truth of God that keep me coming to church every Sunday? Have my excuses been real or made up for my own benefit?

The Epidemic of Impatience

Sep 26, 2019|

One of the many ramifications of this epidemic of impatience is that it’s seeped into the Christian’s spiritual growth. So, where do we start?

I’m Still Bored

Sep 19, 2019|

When we’re bored, it means our brains are looking for something to do. Something to satisfy us. Where do we go to find that satisfaction?

What Are You Fighting For?

Sep 12, 2019|

If peace means freedom from distress, then we should be fighting for peace every day. But there’s a deeper peace that we need to be fighting for.

In the Midst of the Storm (Newsfeed)

Sep 6, 2019|

220mph winds. At Least 30 dead. Where is God in a natural disaster like Hurricane Dorian? Where is God in the midst of the storm?

The Only Place We Truly Belong

Aug 29, 2019|

Ironically, it takes a hard betrayal to experience true belonging—that is, a betrayal of your independent efforts to belong.

The Most Powerful Influencer

Aug 22, 2019|

Words carry power and influence, whether they are true or not. Words carry impressive power, and they are more powerful when they claim to speak the truth. 

A Public Crisis of Faith

Aug 16, 2019|

indoubt host, Daniel Markin responds to the headlines surrounding Marty Sampson and John Cooper, touching on the public crisis of faith.

Faith, Hope and Love

Aug 15, 2019|

Multiple times in the New Testament we read of faith, hope & love. Because faith, hope & love play an essential role in the life of the believer.

Times to Speak & Times to Be Silent

Jul 18, 2019|

So many people are in need of hearing words of hope, life, encouragement, and conviction, yet will we be bold enough to speak?

‘Millennial’ Shouldn’t Be a Derogatory Term

Jul 11, 2019|

Recently I’ve been opening my talks with this statement: “In the Kingdom of God, there's no such thing as a millennial. It's a man-made term & definition."

How Embracing Rest Can Change Your Life

Jul 4, 2019|

God’s heart for rest goes deeper than what we can do for Sabbath. True Sabbath is returning to who God created us to be. But what would that look like?

What to Do When You Feel Stuck

Jun 20, 2019|

Whether it’s in our career path, church or relationships, we've all felt that paralyzing fear of not knowing what our next step should be, feeling stuck.

When Father’s Day Hurts

Jun 16, 2019|

This isn’t an article about my pain. It’s an article about the pain so many of you carry on this Father's day. Pain shows up in different ways & we see you.

Mental Illness Won’t Make God Love You Less

Jun 13, 2019|

Mental illness won't make God love you less. In fact, owning up to your mental health issues is a sign of spiritual maturity.

4 Myths Too Many Christians Believe About Mental Health

Jun 6, 2019|

So why do so many within the Christian community avoid talking about these difficulties? Why is the church not discussing these topics more often?

A Social Media Heart Check

May 30, 2019|

The world of social media can upset our intentions to love God & man. Wisdom would have us check our hearts regularly by keeping key questions in mind.