5 Things to Never Say to Someone with Mental Illness

Mar 21, 2019|

Sometimes it can be hard to know how to talk to people who struggle with mental illness, but here are a few things you definitely shouldn't say. ___________ This article was originally found on releva ...Read more

Where Is God in a Mass Shooting?

Mar 15, 2019|

This article was written after the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017. In light of the Christchurch attack that happened late last night, we hope Dr. Moore's insights will bring encouragement and comfort.

Suicide: To Assist or Not? That is the Question, by Stephanie Gray

Jan 17, 2019|

Van Maren and Alleyne have brilliantly distilled the assisted suicide/euthanasia debate to this central question: Who gets suicide assistance and who gets suicide prevention?

How to Communicate with a Friend Considering Abortion, by Stephanie Gray

Jan 10, 2019|

We recently had a conversation with pro-life activist and speaker, Stephanie Gray, looking at abortion through the lens of a pro-life Christian perspective. In the conversation, Stephanie referenced h ...Read more

An Ancient Story Brings Present Joy

Sep 26, 2018|

The ancient story of the gospel is the key to present and future joy and significance. How so? Here's an explanation from pastor and author Jonathan Parnell.

Can a Christian Do Yoga Exercises?

Aug 29, 2018|

Can a Christian do yoga exercises? This is not a simple yes or no answer. However, a brief consideration of Paul's words in 1 Corinthian 10:23-30 can lead you in the right direction.

Engage Media Like a Christian

Aug 22, 2018|

For Christians, it’s not a matter of, “Should I engage media or not?” but, “How do I go about engaging media in a Christlike way?” Here are two practical disciplines you can practice helping you think more critically and biblically before engaging media.

The Story of the Bible (in one really long sentence)

Aug 15, 2018|

What is the story of the Bible? Even though it’s written by many authors with many genres over many years, it’s still one unified story. So, what would be the Bible’s one-sentence synopsis on Netflix? Here's our humble attempt at explaining the story of the Bible in one really long sentence.

What Does a Christian Look Like? (Part 2)

Aug 8, 2018|

What does a Christian look like? The Beatitudes give us a great description. Understand what the last four descriptions of a Christian (in the Beatitudes) are all about in part two of our 2-part series.

A Massive Issue that Non-Christians have with Professing Christians

Aug 1, 2018|

I would suspect that a reason why people leave or reject Christianity is because of how they perceive it playing out in real life. They see a lot of professing “Christians" doing very unchristian things. Who would want to remain in or join a group of people who constantly contradict their beliefs with their actions?