About indoubt

People are leaving the church and leaving their faith. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. I think most people know a family member or a friend who has left the church and/or their faith – maybe you have as well. There are multiple reasons for why people (especially the younger generation) are leaving. Here are some reasons from the study in Hemorraghing Faith (Redeemer University College, 2013)…

  • Postmodern skepticism
  • Radical autonomy
  • Prolonged identity formation
  • Therapeutic religion
  • Discontented consumerism
  • Overwhelming time pressure
  • Information explosion
  • Life transitions put survival first
  • Life distractions fill schedules
  • Lifestyle choices make church attendance feel hypocritical

Good News Global Media responded to this issue by creating and launching a ministry called indoubt that engages life’s topics and issues. We share testimonies, biblical articles, podcasts, and more – all for the purpose to empower people with God’s truth.