July 23, 2018
We have with us this week author and professor Dr. Michael Kruger to help us see the plot line of the deconversion story. He also helps us see the general beliefs of liberal theology, and provides an encouragement and call for people to stand on a the only solid truth-foundation - the Bible.
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Episode 131: Gospel and Faith in Canada

Jul 16, 2018|

How's faith in Canada? A few studies have come out in the past year that look into some specifics when it comes to the general attitudes and beliefs in Canada. It's a privilege to have Executive Director of The Gospel Coalition Canada, Wyatt Graham, with us this week to discuss some of those findings and how the church can best respond.

Episode 130: The Reliability of the New Testament

Jul 9, 2018|

For the skeptic, studying the Bible's reliability challenges their presupposed ideas. For the Christian, it strengthens their faith in God and encourages them to read and meditate more often. It's a privilege to chat with Simon Peacock this week, a young Christian leader who's taken upon himself the study of the New Testament's reliability.

Episode 129: Jesus in a Post-Truth Culture (with Abdu Murray)

Jul 2, 2018|

Confusion is good and certainty is bad? Our post-truth culture thinks so. We're joined by North American Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries this week, Abdu Murray. He's recently written a new book that delves into the task of bringing both clarity and meaning to a post-truth world.

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Episode 128: The Weight of Sexual Abuse (with Justin Holcomb)

Jun 25, 2018|

What exactly do we mean by sexual abuse/assault? How prevalent is the issue? What does the Bible say? What's the weight of it? And where can hope and healing be found? We ask all these questions to pastor and author Justin Holcomb this week.

Episode 127: Reaching Your Millennial Friends with the Gospel

Jun 18, 2018|

It's great to have author and blogger Chris Martin with us on the show to talk about how we, as millennials, can help reach other millennials with the gospel. What do we need to know about this generation to help them know Christ? Whether or not you're a millennial, we know you'll be encouraged and informed in this conversation.

Episode 126: The Necessity of Christian Artists (with Andrew Peterson)

Jun 11, 2018|

"Stories are the language God wired our hearts to speak." Singer-songwriter and author Andrew Peterson joins us this week to talk about art and why Christians who don't consider themselves artists, need artists. Whether or not you think of yourself as someone who is creative (which you are), you'll benefit from this important conversation.

Episode 125: The Art of Listening to Scripture

Jun 4, 2018|

We're joined with Jonathan Bailey this week to talk about this. He and his brother are releasing Dwell, a new smartphone app that makes listening to Scripture easy and beautiful.

Episode 124: Transgenderism Pt. 2

May 28, 2018|

As you know, the media only releases heavily biased news. So when it comes to the research on transgender people, some of the negative facts don't get any attention. This week is part 2 of our conversation on transgenderism with pastor and researcher Paul Dirks.

Episode 123: Transgenderism Pt. 1

May 21, 2018|

Pastor and researcher Paul Dirks joins us to talk about some of the common terms used when talking about transgenderism and how he's personally involved with addressing the issue with the gospel.

Episode 122: The Riot and the Dance of Creation

May 14, 2018|

There’s a new nature documentary out that finally gives credit to where credit is due: God. Christian biologist, Dr. Gordon Wilson, joins us this week to talk about the film The Riot and the Dance which he narrates. We talk about the film, if animals are sinful, general revelation, and how the gospel is seen in nature.

Episode 121: What Does Marijuana Do to You?

May 7, 2018|

With the Canadian government changing its stance on recreational marijuana, it only makes sense that we'd want to know the more biological and scientific aspects of it on the body. That's what this conversation is all about. Dr. McQuarrie gives a ridiculous amount of information on the physical effects of marijuana.