September 17, 2018
Our words have a powerful influence - either for good or bad. With us is Vancouver-based pastor Brett Landry, who helps us understand a general theology of Christian speech and how to confront friends when you know what your group is saying isn’t life-giving. Brett also helps us consider the topic of swearing as Christians.
Isaac Dagneau is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

Episode 139: Christianity is Exclusive?

Sep 10, 2018|

Many Christians claim that Christianity is exclusive - and we believe that to be the truth. But what exactly does that mean? Are there different aspects to it? With us to walk us through the exclusivity of Christianity is Derek Rishmawy.

Episode 138: The Generation After Millennials

Sep 3, 2018|

The youngest generation is no longer the Millennials, but Gen-Z. With us this week to help us know more about Gen-Zers, how they differ from Millennials, and how Millennials can best engage Gen-Zers with the gospel, is author and speaker Jonathan Morrow.

Episode 137: Fighting Porn with Purpose

Aug 27, 2018|

Obviously God frees people from porn addiction in miraculous ways, but often times he’ll use practical helps to heal our brokenness (which is still a miracle by the way). Joining us is Digital Communication Specialist at Covenant Eyes, Lisa Eldred, who's recently written a book on fighting porn with purpose.

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Episode 136: Are Stories a Part of Your Life?

Aug 20, 2018|

What exactly constitutes a story? Why is storytelling essential for the gospel? And why should Christians be invested in both engaging and telling stories? Pastor and children's book author Casey Fritz is with us to help us through these questions.

Episode 135: The Bible in One Sentence

Aug 13, 2018|

What's the story of the Bible? How can it be summed up in one sentence? And how can we shape our lives around it? Pastor Jonathan Neufeld is with us to walk us through the Bible’s story.

Episode 134: Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Aug 6, 2018|

Are you scared of evangelism? Many are. With us this week to talk about evangelism in a skeptical world is Dr. Sam Chan. Not only does Sam give us some effective "helps" for evangelism, but he also shares with us some of his own stories. Don't miss this important conversation.

Episode 133: Christian Ethics with Wayne Grudem

Jul 30, 2018|

With us this week is world-renowned theologian Wayne Grudem who's just written a brand new book that gives an introduction (quite a large one) to biblical moral reasoning. In our conversation, he talks about his new book, lying/telling the truth, marijuana, and more.

Episode 132: Deconversion and Liberal Theology

Jul 23, 2018|

We have with us this week author and professor Dr. Michael Kruger to help us see the plot line of the deconversion story. He also helps us see the general beliefs of liberal theology, and provides an encouragement and call for people to stand on a the only solid truth-foundation - the Bible.

Episode 131: Gospel and Faith in Canada

Jul 16, 2018|

How's faith in Canada? A few studies have come out in the past year that look into some specifics when it comes to the general attitudes and beliefs in Canada. It's a privilege to have Executive Director of The Gospel Coalition Canada, Wyatt Graham, with us this week to discuss some of those findings and how the church can best respond.

Episode 130: The Reliability of the New Testament

Jul 9, 2018|

For the skeptic, studying the Bible's reliability challenges their presupposed ideas. For the Christian, it strengthens their faith in God and encourages them to read and meditate more often. It's a privilege to chat with Simon Peacock this week, a young Christian leader who's taken upon himself the study of the New Testament's reliability.

Episode 129: Jesus in a Post-Truth Culture (with Abdu Murray)

Jul 2, 2018|

Confusion is good and certainty is bad? Our post-truth culture thinks so. We're joined by North American Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries this week, Abdu Murray. He's recently written a new book that delves into the task of bringing both clarity and meaning to a post-truth world.