November 12, 2018
In this week’s episode, we welcome Dr. Mark Ward, Dr. John Neufeld, and Ben Lowell and the three of them continue the dialogue on marijuana use and transition to discuss the realities of science and creationism in today’s culture.
Isaac Dagneau is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

Episode 147: Remembering & Looking Forward

Nov 5, 2018|

In the first episode with new host, Ryan McCurdy, he takes us back to some of indoubt’s past converstions and he highlights specific parts of each episode that are still extremely relevant today.

Episode 146: Called to Change

Oct 29, 2018|

Change is inevitable, but it’s how you deal with it and how you better the Kingdom of God through it that matters. In this week's episode, the host will be doing the answering rather than the asking ...Read more

Episode 145: The Letter From Jude

Oct 22, 2018|

Wolves in sheep's clothing - it's not something that's gone and finished. We need to know the true Gospel. This week, we listen to Isaac speak about the letter Jude wrote to the Christian community about false teachers and the encouragements that Jude provides to build ourselves up in our most holy faith.

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Episode 144: Truth & Tolerance

Oct 15, 2018|

As Christians we are told by Jesus to love our neighbors. Well, what happens if your neighbor doesn’t believe in God? On this week’s podcast, we speak with guest, Jonathan Morrow on the topics of truth & tolerance, discussing their meaning and how the Christian understanding of them differ from those in our culture.

Episode 143: Criticalism vs. Carefreeism

Oct 8, 2018|

Christians are saved by grace, but we’re also called to live a life in Christ. This week we’re joined by the Guestcast, Brittney and Jake, to talk about criticalism and carefreeism, or more formally ...Read more

Episode 142: What is Worship?

Oct 1, 2018|

This week we chat with worship leader and author Bob Kauflin. He defines Christian worship, helps us cultivate a worshipful heart, and answers our question, “If we don’t agree with a song theologically on a Sunday service, should we still sing it?”

Episode 141: Where is Real Satisfaction?

Sep 24, 2018|

This week on indoubt we're joined by the Guestcast, Brittney and Jake, to talk about true satisfaction. We look at whether there are objective realities to satisfaction, what our current culture offers as ways to be satisfied, and what it means for God to satisfy us (and how to feel and know that he does).

Episode 140: Can Christians Swear?

Sep 17, 2018|

Our words have a powerful influence - either for good or bad. With us is Vancouver-based pastor Brett Landry, who helps us understand a general theology of Christian speech and how to confront friends when you know what your group is saying isn’t life-giving. Brett also helps us consider the topic of swearing as Christians.

Episode 139: Christianity is Exclusive?

Sep 10, 2018|

Many Christians claim that Christianity is exclusive - and we believe that to be the truth. But what exactly does that mean? Are there different aspects to it? With us to walk us through the exclusivity of Christianity is Derek Rishmawy.

Episode 138: The Generation After Millennials

Sep 3, 2018|

The youngest generation is no longer the Millennials, but Gen-Z. With us this week to help us know more about Gen-Zers, how they differ from Millennials, and how Millennials can best engage Gen-Zers with the gospel, is author and speaker Jonathan Morrow.

Episode 137: Fighting Porn with Purpose

Aug 27, 2018|

Obviously God frees people from porn addiction in miraculous ways, but often times he’ll use practical helps to heal our brokenness (which is still a miracle by the way). Joining us is Digital Communication Specialist at Covenant Eyes, Lisa Eldred, who's recently written a book on fighting porn with purpose.