February 22, 2021
Self-control isn’t very popular these days. Every day, all day – buy this, eat that; do whatever you want. But, shouldn’t it be different for Christians?
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Ep. 197: You’re Never too Young to Lead

Feb 15, 2021|

On this week’s episode of indoubt, Anne Miranda, joins Isaac to explore what it means to lead or be a leader in a younger generation.

Ep. 222: Habits of Grace

Feb 8, 2021|

As we’re face-to-face with a worldwide pandemic, it’s now more than ever that we need to be turning to God and forming habits that help us to remain in Him.

Ep. 111: Using Technology Wisely

Feb 1, 2021|

Andy Crouch is with us this week to talk about using technology wisely. All too often modern technology can stunt our human development - primarily, growing in wisdom and courage.

Ep. 134: Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Jan 25, 2021|

Are you scared of evangelism? Many are. With us this week to talk about evangelism in a skeptical world is Dr. Sam Chan. Not only does Sam give us some effective "helps" for evangelism, but he also shares with us some of his own stories. Don't miss this important conversation.

Episode 051: Why Study the Bible?

Jan 18, 2021|

This week on indoubt we want to begin the New Year by encouraging you to read through the Bible in 2021. This daily discipline will transform your understanding and relationship with Jesus. Join Isaa ...Read more

Episode 104: The Reliable Bible

Jan 11, 2021|

"Why are there contradictions in the Bible?" "If this is really the Word of God, why isn't it clearer?" and "Why are we putting so much trust in these books when they're not even the originals?" Bible scholar Dr. Andreas Köstenberger joins us again to help us answer these skeptical questions.

Ep. 103: Does God Even Care?

Dec 28, 2020|

Skeptics and atheists make certain claims about God, the Bible, and Jesus that attempt to "debunk" Christianity. These claims can cause much confusion in and outside the church. So, for two weeks we'll be looking at 5 of them with Dr. Andreas Köstenberger as our featured guest. We'll find that there are great reasons for our faith.

Ep. 101: Engaging the Historical Jesus

Dec 21, 2020|

What do the majority of Canadians (Christian or not) think about Jesus? What can we know about Jesus that's not from the Bible? What's so important about His death? Is it true that He really rose from the dead? These are some of the questions that Christian apologist Logan Gates will be answering this week.

Ep. 257: A Little Hope

Dec 14, 2020|

Phil Callaway is a prolific author, speaker, and radio host of Back to the Bible Canada's Laugh Again. Phil has a gift for storytelling and helping people rediscover the hope and joy that can be foun ...Read more

Ep. 256: The Christian Activist

Dec 7, 2020|

Activism. We live in a time when activism is at the forefront of what we see, hear, and experienced almost every day through media. For many, we wonder if such activity is effective, does it serve a ...Read more

Ep. 254: Racism and Reconciliation

Nov 23, 2020|

Join Isaac and guest Joel Gordon as they share a candid conversation about the fundamental and biblical perspective of racism and how that relates to the society we currently live in. And more specif ...Read more