March 23, 2020
How many times have you read your Bible? On this week’s episode, Tim Mackie joins Isaac to discuss the relevant question: Why should I study my Bible?
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Ep. 218: Why Apologetics?

Mar 16, 2020|

Why Apologetics? Why is it so important? Is this something we should be thinking about more, or less? How do we find the balance? Is there a balance?

Ep. 217: Missing the Point of Christianity

Mar 9, 2020|

If being a Christian means a quick trip to Church every Sunday morning, then you may be missing the point of Christianity.

Ep. 216: The Future of Christianity in Canada

Mar 2, 2020|

What does the future of Christianity look like? Or the next ten years? Admittedly, that’s a difficult question but it’s one that we touch on this week.

Ep. 215: Is Medicine Stronger than God?

Feb 24, 2020|

Our lives are sacred and we should do our best to preserve our life on earth. But what happens when medicine, or technology, prolongs death instead of life?

Ep. 214: Summer Camp – Is It Worth It?

Feb 17, 2020|

Every one of us could recount a moment where there was a significant change in our relationship with God. For some of us, that happened at summer camp.

Ep. 213: Yes, Our Culture Has Changed You

Feb 10, 2020|

So many things in culture compete for our attention, each demanding something from us – our money, our time, etc. So, how do we know what to focus on?

Ep. 212: Self-Control and Why It Changes Our Lives

Feb 3, 2020|

Self-control isn’t very popular these days. Every day, all day – buy this, eat that; do whatever you want. But, shouldn’t it be different for Christians?

Ep. 211: God’s Got This

Jan 27, 2020|

Anxiety, grief, depression, & suicide are all things that we have, or will, come up against, & in this week’s episode of indoubt, we touch on those topics.

Ep. 210: Something Needs to Change

Jan 20, 2020|

When you come face to face with difficulty, what do you believe, and who do you believe in? Does something need to change when you think of God & suffering?

Ep. 209: Building a Life of Purpose

Jan 13, 2020|

Rebekah Lyons joins us and shares her story of overcoming anxiety & discusses the limitations we often place on ourselves based on who culture says we are.

Ep. 208: Is My Singleness a Punishment?

Jan 6, 2020|

How often do we think of singleness as a gift & a calling, not the opposite? Jon Tyson joins us to discuss the stigma around singleness in today’s culture.