December 9, 2019
“It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s a saying we’ve heard countless times, but do we know what that means? Are we part of the village?
indoubt exists to bring the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that young adults face every day, cultivating conversation.

Ep. 203: Yes, Your Phone Has Changed You

Dec 2, 2019|

Tony Reinke joins us on this episode of indoubt to examine the pros and cons of our phones, and ultimately acknowledge that technology isn’t all bad.

Ep. 202: this Cultural Moment

Nov 25, 2019|

Is it more important to be politically correct or to be biblically correct? On this week’s episode, Mark Sayers joins us to discuss our cultural moment.

Ep. 201: Can I Plan for My Future, or Does God?

Nov 18, 2019|

What kind of Christian do you want to be in the future? We plan our careers, finances, & our relationships, but are we factoring in our spiritual growth?

Episode 200: Let’s Celebrate!

Nov 11, 2019|

We’re celebrating 200 episodes & you’re invited to celebrate with us! You'll hear Daniel, Isaac & Joshua together again as they answer rapid-fire questions.

Ep. 199: Worship: It’s More than Words

Nov 4, 2019|

Johnny Markin joins us on this episode of indoubt to look at the importance of the words we sing to God, about God, and to one another.

Ep. 198: We’re All Missionaries

Oct 28, 2019|

We often forget that every single one of us has been called to be a missionary. Bethany Ferguson joins us to unpack what it means to live a missional life.

Ep. 197: You’re Never too Young to Lead

Oct 21, 2019|

On this week’s episode of indoubt, Anne Miranda, joins Isaac to explore what it means to lead or be a leader in a younger generation.

Ep. 196: The Art of Everyday Worship

Oct 14, 2019|

In the midst of ordinary people, places, sights, and sounds, how do you worship? Ruth Chou Simons joins us to discuss the art of everyday worship.

Ep. 195: Church IRL

Oct 7, 2019|

Is it that important if we’re not at church on Sunday morning? On this week’s episode, Jeremy Cagle joins us to explore why church is so important.

Ep. 194: Video Games vs. God

Sep 30, 2019|

With new trends on the rise, video games aren’t going anywhere & should we want them to? Kevin Schut joins us to give a Christian perspective on gaming.

Ep. 193: Is Your Worship Really Worship?

Sep 23, 2019|

Johnny Markin and host Daniel Markin, focus on 5 things that we do that tend to shift the focus of worship onto us instead of the amazing God that we serve.