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Ep. 264: Focusing on Jesus in a Distracted World

Apr 12, 2021|

Have you considered what it means to be a leader? Quality leaders, people you trust, people you would choose to emulate for their integrity, wisdom, character seem to be in short supply. Join indoubt ...Read more

Ep. 263: Why You Matter

Apr 5, 2021|

Do I really matter? What makes life worth living? The Bible says I made in God's image, what does that even mean? Does it even matter? Does it impact who I am and how I live my life? Does it offer an ...Read more

Ep. 262: Young Marriage Under Pressure

Mar 29, 2021|

In these days of a pandemic, marriage is under pressure as never before. Join daniel and Co-Director of Family Life Canada as they discuss the unique and difficult challenges faced in young marriages ...Read more

Ep. 261: Ready, Set, Go

Mar 22, 2021|

In the global village we live in, for some, it is hard to imagine where one might be sent to share the gospel for the first time. Caleb and Raquel Enns are preparing to be sent to Thailand, and they ...Read more

Ep. 260: We Said Yes to the Call

Mar 15, 2021|

What does it look like to be called to Missions? Join Andrew and indoubt host Isaac Dagneau as they discuss Andrew's call to be a missionary in Japan. And, how has, and how does God continue to prepa ...Read more

Ep. 108: Are You Called to Missions?

Mar 8, 2021|

How do you know if you're called to missions? What even is missions anyway? Duane Frasier from Joshua Project joins us this week to consider these questions in more detail.

Ep. 212: Self-Control and Why It Changes Our Lives

Feb 22, 2021|

Self-control isn’t very popular these days. Every day, all day – buy this, eat that; do whatever you want. But, shouldn’t it be different for Christians?

Ep. 197: You’re Never too Young to Lead

Feb 15, 2021|

On this week’s episode of indoubt, Anne Miranda, joins Isaac to explore what it means to lead or be a leader in a younger generation.

Ep. 222: Habits of Grace

Feb 8, 2021|

As we’re face-to-face with a worldwide pandemic, it’s now more than ever that we need to be turning to God and forming habits that help us to remain in Him.

Ep. 111: Using Technology Wisely

Feb 1, 2021|

Andy Crouch is with us this week to talk about using technology wisely. All too often modern technology can stunt our human development - primarily, growing in wisdom and courage.

Ep. 134: Evangelism in a Skeptical World

Jan 25, 2021|

Are you scared of evangelism? Many are. With us this week to talk about evangelism in a skeptical world is Dr. Sam Chan. Not only does Sam give us some effective "helps" for evangelism, but he also shares with us some of his own stories. Don't miss this important conversation.