May 4, 2020
James Ellis III tells his story of growing up in the face of racial conflict & tension, rebellion, & violence, all of which led him to know & love Jesus.
indoubt exists to bring the gospel to the relevant issues of life and faith that young adults face every day, cultivating conversation.

Ep. 224: What is Sex?

Apr 27, 2020|

Preston Sprinkle and Daniel talk through the question what is sex, and discuss the relationship between our sexuality and our self-expression to honor God.

Ep. 223: What is Marriage?

Apr 20, 2020|

Preston Sprinkle joins us to discuss the question: how do I talk to my gay neighbour? And ultimately, the primary focus becomes: what is marriage?

Ep. 222: Habits of Grace

Apr 13, 2020|

As we’re face-to-face with a worldwide pandemic, it’s now more than ever that we need to be turning to God and forming habits that help us to remain in Him.

Ep. 221: Learning to Lead

Apr 6, 2020|

Are you the person that you want to be, or are you the person that others need you to be? Matt Hammitt joins us to discuss what it means to be a leader.

Ep. 220: Justice, Church, and Cybersex Trafficking

Mar 30, 2020|

In the West, Christians are more prone to attending a conference on justice rather than actually doing justice in their cities.

Ep. 219: Why Study the Bible?

Mar 23, 2020|

How many times have you read your Bible? On this week’s episode, Tim Mackie joins Isaac to discuss the relevant question: Why should I study my Bible?

Ep. 218: Why Apologetics?

Mar 16, 2020|

Why Apologetics? Why is it so important? Is this something we should be thinking about more, or less? How do we find the balance? Is there a balance?

Ep. 217: Missing the Point of Christianity

Mar 9, 2020|

If being a Christian means a quick trip to Church every Sunday morning, then you may be missing the point of Christianity.

Ep. 216: The Future of Christianity in Canada

Mar 2, 2020|

What does the future of Christianity look like? Or the next ten years? Admittedly, that’s a difficult question but it’s one that we touch on this week.

Ep. 215: Is Medicine Stronger than God?

Feb 24, 2020|

Our lives are sacred and we should do our best to preserve our life on earth. But what happens when medicine, or technology, prolongs death instead of life?

Ep. 214: Summer Camp – Is It Worth It?

Feb 17, 2020|

Every one of us could recount a moment where there was a significant change in our relationship with God. For some of us, that happened at summer camp.