January 14, 2019
In a culture that is hyper-focused on control and independence, the argument today is that people want to ‘die with dignity,’ rather than admit to and accept the help to continue living. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Stephanie Gray to continue to conversation on life. and take a look at end-of-life and the issue of medically assisted suicide.
Ryan McCurdy is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

Episode 156: (Pro-)Life Is Beautiful | Stephanie Gray Pt. 1

Jan 7, 2019|

In this week’s episode, indoubt talks with Stephanie Gray about abortion and Ryan asks the questions that surround the issue. Ryan and Stephanie get to the heart of the external and internal factors that play a huge part in a decision to abort, and she gives some advice on how you can help someone that you know who is considering abortion.

Episode 155: Barry Slauenwhite – Money, Mission & Compassion

Dec 31, 2018|

In this week’s episode, indoubt speaks with Barry Slauenwhite, and he and Ryan discuss his new book, Strategic Compassion. Many of us often think that money is the solution to ‘fix’ poverty, but Ryan and Barry take a look at the holistic approach that Compassion Canada focuses on. The call of this episode in particular is to have you really stop and think and be strategic in your own personal fight against poverty.

Episode 154: Christmas Time is Here with Dr. John Neufeld

Dec 24, 2018|

In this week’s episode, Ryan has the opportunity to talk with Canadian Bible Teacher, Dr. John Neufeld, about the need to recognize the focus which should be on the true narrative of Christmas – the coming of Christ to fulfill the prophecy of redemption. Ryan and Dr. John also discuss the origins of Christmas and why most of us find ourselves celebrating on December 25th.

Episode 153: Scribe Music

Dec 17, 2018|

indoubt has the privilege of speaking with Canadian rapper and hip-hop artist, Scribe Music, who takes the opportunity to represent God through the songs he writes, raps and sings. In this episode, you can find out the personal story behind Scribe’s favourite song and also, what motivates him to write for Jesus.

Episode 152: Life, In Community with Jon Hawes

Dec 10, 2018|

In this week’s episode, Ryan welcomes special guest Jon Hawes. Ryan and Jon take the time to discuss the importance of community, the challenges that accompany it, but also the opportunity for connection and growth.

Episode 151: Feeling or Living? with Jeremy King

Dec 3, 2018|

This week, special guest Jeremy King returns to indoubt and helps us to look at how easy it is to live from moment to moment with God. Ryan and Jeremy discuss the importance of spiritual rhythms and disciplines which help us navigate daily relationship with the Lord, so that encounters with God can happen all the time.

Episode 150: The Gospel on Campus with Kelly Manire

Nov 26, 2018|

Kelly Manire is this week's guest on indoubt and he shares how telling his story and encouraging others to do the same has helped his campus ministry. Ryan and Kelly discuss where young adults are placing their focus and how to make an impact in the lives of those in the community.

Episode 149: Truth, Teaching & Jeremy King

Nov 19, 2018|

There is a call to hold onto truth - to hold onto God and to not compromise. On this week’s episode, Ryan sits down with Jeremy King, a young adults pastor and the two of them look back on their friendship, and also discuss the roles that they play in the lives of young people who are seeking Truth.

Episode 148: Adding to the Conversation – Marijuana, Science & Creationism

Nov 12, 2018|

In this week’s episode, we welcome Dr. Mark Ward, Dr. John Neufeld, and Ben Lowell and the three of them continue the dialogue on marijuana use and transition to discuss the realities of science and creationism in today’s culture.

Episode 147: Remembering & Looking Forward

Nov 5, 2018|

In the first episode with new host, Ryan McCurdy, he takes us back to some of indoubt’s past converstions and he highlights specific parts of each episode that are still extremely relevant today.

Episode 146: Called to Change

Oct 29, 2018|

Change is inevitable, but it’s how you deal with it and how you better the Kingdom of God through it that matters. In this week's episode, the host will be doing the answering rather than the asking ...Read more