May 21, 2018
Pastor and researcher Paul Dirks joins us to talk about some of the common terms used when talking about transgenderism and how he's personally involved with addressing the issue with the gospel.
Isaac Dagneau is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

Episode 122: The Riot and the Dance of Creation

May 14, 2018|

There’s a new nature documentary out that finally gives credit to where credit is due: God. Christian biologist, Dr. Gordon Wilson, joins us this week to talk about the film The Riot and the Dance which he narrates. We talk about the film, if animals are sinful, general revelation, and how the gospel is seen in nature.

Episode 121: What Does Marijuana Do to You?

May 7, 2018|

With the Canadian government changing its stance on recreational marijuana, it only makes sense that we'd want to know the more biological and scientific aspects of it on the body. That's what this conversation is all about. Dr. McQuarrie gives a ridiculous amount of information on the physical effects of marijuana.

Episode 120: Jesus in the Old Testament (and Applying Jeremiah 29:11)

Apr 30, 2018|

Why is it important today that the whole Bible, including the Old Testament, speaks to the death and resurrection of Jesus? With us this week is hip-hop artist and author Timothy Brindle, who's spent years studying this. The Unfolding speaks to the unfolding plan of God seen in the Bible. In addition to this, Timothy helps explain and apply the often-confused Jeremiah 29:11.

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Episode 119: This is How We Suffer

Apr 23, 2018|

In light of the recent tragedies today (like the Humboldt crash), we thought it would be best to remind ourselves of the importance of suffering well. Listen to two seasoned pastors speak into important issues of suffering and grief.

Episode 118: What Does the Bible Say About Recreational Marijuana?

Apr 16, 2018|

What does the Bible say about recreational marijuana? Taken from our recent indoubt:live event, Dr. John Neufeld gives 4 biblical principles that will help shape our understanding.

Episode 117: A Look at Rob Bell in “The Heretic”

Apr 9, 2018|

A recent documentary called "The Heretic" has come out that gives a brief explanation of where Rob's been and what he's been teaching these last 13 or 14 years. We find that whereas Rob offers a seemingly authentic and genuine version of Christianity, the traditional and orthodox teaching of Christianity far outweighs it with power, beauty, and truth. Author and professor Owen Strachan joins us this week to discuss this documentary.

Episode 116: Biblical Friendship

Apr 1, 2018|

We have too many connections and too little intentional biblical friendships in life. What is a biblical friendship? How do we start them? How to we keep them and grow them? This week we hear a presentation given by indoubt's host, Isaac Dagneau, at this year's Apologetics Canada Conference on biblical friendship.

Episode 115: Doubt and the Resurrection (with Andreas Köstenberger)

Mar 26, 2018|

What's more important than the resurrection when we talk about Easter? This week we chat with Dr. Andreas Köstenberger and hear some of the "myths" of the resurrection.

Episode 114: Culture’s Words and Actions on Recreational Marijuana Use

Mar 19, 2018|

What is culture saying when it comes to recreational marijuana use? "We want freedom." This week on indoubt we hear the live recording from author Mark Ward from "Let's Talk: Marijuana" as he gives his 15-minute presentation on the culture's view of recreational marijuana.

Episode 113: Keeping the Sabbath in the 21st Century

Mar 12, 2018|

Our world needs rest. This is something that's becoming more and more obvious these days as our culture squeezes as much as it can out of as little as possible - all the time. This week we're joined by A.J. as he talks about his new book, Subversive Sabbath, and what it means to rest.

Episode 112: Recreational Marijuana and the Christian

Mar 5, 2018|

Have you ever considered that everything in life can either be reality-clarifying or reality-distorting? Pastor Jeff Lacine helps us think through this in regards to recreational marijuana. This conversation will definitely benefit you.