May 20, 2019
Jon Wiebe is this weeks guest and talks with Ryan about how you can influence those around you with social media and everyday interactions.
Ryan McCurdy is the host of indoubt. Through engaging thoughtful theological discussion with leaders around the world, indoubt's mission is to help those living in today's culture, solidify their beliefs and views on life, faith, and culture through a biblical perspective.

Ep. 174: Exploring the World – Mormonism

May 13, 2019|

Lynn Wilder joins the indoubt Podcast to discuss Mormonism - what is it, where did it come from, and her personal story and connection to the religion.

Ep. 173: From Victim to Victor – Emeka’s Story

May 6, 2019|

Having survived a life-changing & career-ending injury, Emeka shares his story with indoubt. Emeka's message is one of hope, which clearly points to Jesus.

Ep. 172: I Am Rahab (with Autumn Miles)

Apr 29, 2019|

Autumn Miles joins the indoubt Podcast this week to talk about her book, I Am Rahab, the abusive marriage she survived, and what's wrong with today's church culture.

Ep. 171: Balancing Truth and Trends

Apr 22, 2019|

Paul Park joins the indoubt Podcast to talk about finding the balance between preaching the Truth and preaching on trend. Paul and Ryan discuss how to better engage with our pastor and their preaching style and how we’re all called to preach the Word of God.

Ep. 170: Teaching vs. Preaching

Apr 15, 2019|

Paul Park joins the indoubt Podcast to discuss the differences between teaching and preaching and how they can be done well together.

Ep. 169: Exploring the World – First Nation Spirituality

Apr 8, 2019|

In this week's episode of the indoubt Podcast, we're joined by Temera Millar, who gives insight into First Nation spirituality and culture in Canada.

Ep. 168: Domestic Violence Looks Like Me

Apr 1, 2019|

Autumn Miles joins the indoubt Podcast as this week’s guest! Autumn has an incredible story of redemption to share – from being in an abusive marriage to being freed from that relationship to where she is now. 

Ep. 167: Why Does Social Justice Matter?

Mar 25, 2019|

Properly defined, social justice is just right relationships between people. On this week's episode, Danielle Strickland joins the indoubt Podcast and we’re focussing on social justice.

Ep. 166: Mental Health (feat. Alison Stevens)

Mar 18, 2019|

This week on the indoubt Podcast Alison Stevens, Clinical Director of Wagner Hills Farm Society, joins us. Alison brings a perspective to the discussion of mental health, understanding that it's about the whole person in healing.

Ep. 165: Exploring the World – Sikhism

Mar 11, 2019|

The focus here is all about Sikhism - what is it? how do you talk to someone who is Sikh? how do you pray for them? do they even want you to pray for them?

Ep. 164: When Worship Isn’t Working

Mar 4, 2019|

If our hearts aren't in the right place, the act of worship can turn into just another feel-good experience. We talk to Andrew Marcus this week about how to get out of the search for the 'experience' and correct your heart to be in the posture to let go and worship.